*Welcome to King Camera rostrum services*


Now working digitally & capturing photos & archive material in camera for rostrum work.

Chris King is no longer using 'old school' rostrum cameras and the London W1 studio is closed.

For those that would like us to do rostrum motion, then I am now working with Adobe After Effects & would be happy to quote for creating rostrum shots for broadcast programmes & films.


Previously,we were based in Soho, London. King Camera was a facility for TV production, animated films and TV commercials.

For TV production we provided rostrum camera facilities for standard & high-definition video shooting, 2D & 3D digital (CG) rostrum moves and High Definition Still Image Capture.  Using Photoshop & Houdini, we put 2D images into layered 3D space for moves with increased visual interest.

For animators & animation production companies we provided a complete pipeline, from inputting animation drawings through digital colouring and creative compositing to the final finished output for broadcast video or motion picture film.

For TV commercials we focussed our energies on being a high quality, fast, competitively priced facility for getting animated images to the edit on time and on budget.



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