Animation Clients

Below is the current King Camera Services client list. Click the links to view sample thumbnails of the work produced for each client. The list details those clients that have worked with us and our 2D & 3D digital toolsets.

Date Job Name Client Description



Little Rikke


The Family

The Cartoon Network Development Studio


Channel Four

Title Sequence digital painting


End Board animation

January 1997 Club Class Triffic Films C5 Magazine Review: Title Sequence
March 1997 Nasalcrom Richard Purdum Productions Advert: Flu Relief
March 1997 U2 Nexus / Straw Donkey Pop Concert Video
March 1997 Gio Tandem Films Test
April 1997 Have I Got News for You Triffic Films Title Sequence
April 1997 EDS Partisan Test
May 1997 Chocapic Passion Pictures Advert:French Cereal
June 1997 Lucozade - Two Fat Slags Passion Pictures Advert: Soft Drink
June 1997 Radiohead Nexus / Straw Donkey Music Video
June 1997 Laughing Cow Richard Purdum Productions Leica Reel for Advert: Soft Cheese
July 1997 Bonce Fly Passion Pictures Showreel Title Sequence
July 1997 Latino Carnival Triffic Films Advert: CD
August 1997 Keyclub Passion Pictures / Sherbet Music Video
August 1997 Project Tiger Sherbet Teaser
September 1997 Bold Passion Pictures Advert: Washing Powder
September 1997 Kelloggs Richard Purdum Productions Advert: Cereal
October 1997 Many Happy Returns Granite Productions Title Graphics for Documentary
November 1997 Best Party Album Ever Triffic Films Advert: CD
November 1997 The Amazing World of Joe Pasquale Triffic Films Title Sequence
November 1997 One Number TT02 Advert: Mobile Phone
December 1997 Tickle Tales Lassalle Test for Film
January 1998 Chiquita Triffic Films Corporate Video
February 1998 Legoland Triffic Films Stings for TV Promos
February 1998 Why Men Don't Iron Triffic Films Stings within Documentary
February 1998 Cini Mini Passion Pictures Advert: French Cereal
February 1998 Holding the Baby Triffic Films Title Sequence and Stings
March 1998 1001 Nights Hyperion / Stardust *Bafta Nominated Orchestral Music Video
April 1998 Kix Passion Pictures Advert: French Cereal
May 1998 Aids Awareness Sherbet 3 Public Information Films
May 1998 Lucozade - The Full Mountie Passion Pictures Advert: Soft Drink
June 1998 Boo Radleys Nexus / Vehicle Music Video
June 1998 K-Klass Nexus / Vehicle Music Video
July 1998 Tuesday High Eagle *Bafta Nominated 12min film for Sir Paul McCartney
August 1998 Radio 1 Picasso Pictures Advert Test
September 1998 Shakey Jake Bermuda Shorts Advert: Milkshake
November 1998 Pall Mall Bermuda Shorts 4 Adverts for Website
November 1998 House of Fraser Bermuda Shorts Advert for Sale of Furniture
February 1999 PSK High Eagle Advert: Austrian Post Office
April 1999 Rask Bermuda Shorts Advert: Dog Chews
April 1999 Mr Song High Eagle Millennium Dome Promotional Video
May 1999 Natwest Picasso Pictures Multi-Award winning Advert with Jarvis Cocker
May 1999 Western Union Bermuda Shorts Advert: Building Society
June 1999 Nickelodeon Picasso Pictures Advert: Cartoon Channel
July 1999 Natwest Press Pages Picasso Pictures Adverts for Print
July 1999 PBS Passion Pictures 15 x Multi-Award winning Adverts for the Children's Channel
August 1999 Umbongo Umognob Bermuda Shorts Advert: Soft Drink
August 1999 Persil Picasso Pictures Advert: Washing Powder
August 1999 Milky Bar Kid-Venus / Seagull Bermuda Shorts 2 Adverts: Chocolate Bar
September 1999 Felix - Shopping Bag Richard Purdum Productions Advert: Cat Food
September 1999 Laughing Cow Henson's Creature Shop Advert: Soft Cheese
November 1999 Shakey Jake Press Pages Bermuda Shorts Adverts for Print
January 2000 Bombay Sapphire Prisma Promotional Video: Gin
January 2000 Malabar Passion Pictures Advert: French Chewing Gum
February 2000 Health Quenchers Passion Pictures Advert: Drink
March 2000 Natwest Press Pages Picasso Pictures Adverts for Print
March 2000 Milky Bar Kid Bermuda Shorts Advert and Revisions for Print
March 2000 Horizon BBC Image Manipulation for Documentary
April 2000 Escape to Life Jezebel Digital Rostrum Work
April 2000 Pedigree Sherbet 5 Adverts: Dog Food
May 2000 Picasso Pictures Advert: E-commerce company
May 2000 Daktarin Gold Picasso Pictures Advert: Foot Spray
June 2000 Cheese Nips Picasso Pictures Advert: Crisps
June 2000 You Only Live Once TalkBack Graphics Rostrum
July 2000 Curious George Picasso Pictures Advert: Mastercard
July 2000 Umbongo Bermuda Shorts Sting for Advert
July 2000 Burger King Picasso Pictures 3D Sequence for Advert
July 2000 BlackBooks Sherbet Titles and Stings
August 2000 Gorillaz Passion Pictures Short sequence for Pop Video
August 2000 Britannia-Snake / Spider / Bird / Tortoise Passion Pictures & Pearly Oyster 4 x 30 sec Adverts
August 2000 Adventures in Industry Sherbet Corporate Video for Mobiles
August 2000 Play Skool Picasso Pictures Toy Advert
August - September 2000 Avaya-Yop / Talking Heads / Devices / Connections Picasso Pictures 4 Adverts for Communication Company
August 2000 Work Picasso Pictures 30 Sec Public Information Film
September 2000 Lambeth Marsh Tiger Lilly Title Sequence for Film
September 2000 Willo The Wisp Spargo Animatic
October 2000 Fog Bound Sony Music Music Video Visuals
October 2000 Rainbow Picasso Pictures Virgin Advert
October 2000 Frank About Frank Hart Ryan Animated Titles for ITV Documentary
October 2000 Black Holes BBC Horizon Image Manipulation for Documentary
November 2000 Rats Flying Rat Productions 2 min Pilot for Series
January 2001 The Scotsman Picasso Pictures Advert: Newspaper
January 2001 Truth / Route The Moving Picture Company Public Campaign 20 secs
January 2001 Bubble Tape Picasso Pictures Advert: Bubble Gum
January 2001 Milky Bar Kid Bermuda Shorts 16x9 versions
February 2001 Findus Picasso Pictures 30 sec Animatic
February 2001 Saint Gobain Picasso Pictures 30 sec Advert
Febraury - March 2001 Silent Night Bermuda Shorts 5 x Idents-40 secs
February 2001 High in the Clouds High Eagle Colour Models & Animatic
February - July 2001 KiteKat Bazzamik Advert & Flash Renders for Web
March 2001 Run London Private View 2 Nike Adverts
April 2001 Rats Flying Rat Productions Enhancements
April - May 2001 Avaya-Road / River / Balloon / Revolve Picasso Pictures 4 x 15 sec Adverts
May 2001 Nexcare Sherbet 20 sec Advert for plasters
May 2001 CCTV BBC Digital Rostrum of Stills
May - July 2001 Orange-ICQ / BIN / SMS Bermuda Shorts 3 x 30 sec Mobile Phone Adverts
May 2001 Cricket-Colour / Whites Picasso Pictures 2 Adverts for the BBC Cricket Season
June 2001 Truth-Present / Fit The Moving Picture Company 2 x 15 sec Adverts for anti-smoking campaign
July 2001 Plain Pleasures Picasso Pictures / Sarah Cox 2 mins animation for a short film
July 2001 Charmin Picasso Pictures Test for advert
August 2001 Birds The Moving Picture Company Line Test for Pilot
September 2001 Wolff Olins-Trust / Self Realisation / Exploration / Authenticity / User Friendly Picasso Pictures 5 x Stings for Corporate Video
September 2001 Body Fantasies Wild Brain Advert Line Test & Runs
September 2001 Hipster & Jack Stardust Pictures 3 min Pilot
October 2001 First Plus Picasso Pictures 60 sec Advert
October 2001 Have I Got News For You Triffic Films 30 sec Title Sequence
October 2001 ASDA Picasso Pictures 2 x 15 sec Adverts & 3 Stings
November 2001 Ballantine's Picasso Pictures Pitch for Advert
November 2001 Charmin Picasso Pictures Sequences for Advert
December 2001 First Plus Picasso Pictures 2 x 40 sec cut downs
January 2002 Bounty Hamster Silver Fox Films Final Comp on Children's Series

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